Different Roof Types for Your Home

If you are about to build your new home, you might be thrilled to know that there are so many types of roof you can choose from. You can choose one according to your style, according to its convenience, or maybe according to your budget. No matter what the reason behind your choice is, the good thing is you have a lot of choices.


Even if you are just having a roof renovation, you can still go for a major change and replace your roofing. Of course, it would require more than the usual roof repair job, but it will be worth it.


If you need more details on your roofing choices, here are some of the roof types you can choose from:


Gable roof – probably one of the most popular roof types anywhere, a gable roof is the traditional triangular roof you see on many different houses. A gable roof is perfect for a home where an attic is to be built. Various roofing materials may be used for a gable roof: asphalt shingles, tiles, metal, and so on. Gable roofs are excellent in shedding snow and water.


French roof – Also known as mansard roof, French roofs have four sides that are almost perpendicular. These sides have small slopes toward the edges. Dormer windows are commonly built on the sides of a French or mansard roof.


Flat roofs – What used to be popularly used for apartment buildings and garages, flat roofs have become another popular choice for modern residential homes today. Although they appear to be perfectly level, flat roofs are not totally flat – they are slight, unnoticeably sloped to allow water to be drained effectively. Flat roofs are most suitable for homeowners planning to build another story for their homes in the future.

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